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1916 ZF Midnight Frolic_Margaret Morris & May Leslie NY Tribune Rotos / Original Shoot Photos_Betty (daydreamnworld)

Margaret Morris & May Leslie 1916 Midnight Frolic NY Tribune Rotogravure plus Original Shoot Photos from Betty (daydreamnworld)!    Oct 26, '08 12:30 PM
by jane for group historicalziegfeld Oct 26, 2008

Thanks so much Betty! Love these :) They look like they were having such a great time :) I can't believe these are actually here!!!!

I was so excited to find the large rotogravure page (last pic) since it's of Betty's great aunt Margaret Morris and May Leslie in costume for the Midnight Frolic of 1916 putting on a little outdoor display in Long Island!

When I sent it to Betty she said she had photos from it that she didn't know who or what they were of or from and was thrilled to get the rotogravure. She sent me these scans of the original photos from the shoot today!

The third pic of May Leslie is an outtake that didn't make it into the Rotogravure for obvious reasons :) It's a great shot of her clowning around with her eyes rolled back!

Thanks a million for these priceless shots, Betty!!! Fantastic!!!


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