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Amy Busby - The Ingenue_profdash
by David for group historicalziegfeld Dec 9, 2010

The critics declared her "young, pale, and interesting." In 1894 as the ingenue for the Crain stock company, she came to public notice, as a curly haired beauty with four moods, wistful, grave, saucy, and impetuous. Her acting career began at age 15 playing Juliet in her hometown of Rochester. As a teenager he ventured to New York, piled her hair on top her head chignon style and secured a place with Miss Barry's troupe. Robson & Crain hired her away. But the role that won her respect in the profession was playing the fiery Bulgarian Louka in Shaw's "Arms & the Man" in 1895. Within a season she ceased being one among the yearly crop of ingenues to a full fledged star. She played opposed William Gillette in his come-back hit, "The Spectacles." During the last years of the 19th-century she was a first-call performer. Her memory in the 20th century was perpetuated by Busby Berkeley, who took his first named from Amy's last. Her older sister Georgia, also a striking young woman, enjoyed a stage career, working with David Belasco. Benjamin Falk, Napoleon Sarony, and William Morrison were all fascinated by her pallid handsomeness, and scheduled her for repeated sittings from 1894-98. I reproduce some of the best of the Falk and Morrison shots here. David S. Shields

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