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Looking at Lillian: Fifteen Photographers present Lillian Gish_profdash
by David for group historicalziegfeld Jul 22, 2010

No first rank star of early 20th century screen and stage had more sensitivity to photographic artistry than Lillian Gish, whose eye was tutored by D. W. Griffith. At her initiative photographers Hendrick Sartov, Henry Waxman, Kenneth Alexander, Charles Albin and James Abbe entered into portrait and still creation for the motion picture industry. Angelic & girlish in appearance, Gish knew that her image risked becoming cloying, so energetically sought camera artists able to convey mood, personality, as well as type. When M.G.M. shut down her film career at the end of the 1920s, Gish moved to New York and became a force on the legitimate stage. She also visited Europe pursuing a number of projects. The Broadway photographers-Pinchot, VanVechten, Chidnoff--had a way of capturing Gish's intelligence that only Abbe managed during her film career. Perhaps the most interesting photograph here is John Engstead's portrait of the older Lillian Gish. Engstead began to specialize in portraiture of mature women, particularly female eminences in the 1940s. He became a specialist in making older women alluring and powerful. The informal elegance of his posing deserves study. David Shields

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    kittyinva wrote on Jul 22, '10
    These were fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing them. Kathie

    studiolymar wrote on Jul 22, '10
    Love it
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