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2016 Aug 6: This section is heavily in work - trying to move some of the new stuff in. Will be transferring the old albums from HZ and HZG on Multiply here as well. Pardon my mess. jane


Alfred Cheney Johnston (ACJ) Photos, Magazines, Articles, Newspaper, Books


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  • 79Yvonne - 1Reply
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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    Still reorganizing sections and albums. As more gets moved and added, it becomes more clear how best to group things in this new Piwigo format. Sorry for the disruption and thanks for your patience!

  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    I've combined the ID / Questions album and others into this one album. It will be easier to find things using Advanced Search through this main album only without having to search different sections. Hope this is ok with everyone.

  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    Patience while I move things around so I can see what needs to be addressed, what is resolved, etc. I'll work on this more in awhile. Just had company drop by unexpectedly.

  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    Otto, were you able to get those pics using vlad's help below? If not, let me know.

    Thanks, jane
  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    @ Vlad : Vlad[/reply] I should have known we could count on you, vlad :smile: Thanks!
  • Vlad - 1Reply
    Great link! Thanks, Otto!


    Full size:

    Just remove 192X192 in the image url.
  • guest - 1Reply
    Are you aware of this address?

    http://collections.si.edu/search/results.htm?q=alfred% 20cheney% 20johnston

    There are portraits of great ACJ interessse, but unfortunately only in size thumbs. Except study of D. R.

    Does anyone know where to see them in larger size?

  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    @ otto : Thanks, otto! I have screen shots of all comments on all albums. I cut/pasted all that was said for reference on the first pic of that album in the comments there.

    Hard to find that without them showing on the album page!

    Since copy/paste, it's exactly what everyone said at that time.

  • otto - 1Reply
    znr-829a > Ann Forrest_DeBarron 02_Spurr
    znr-106a-ad-work > Madeline Grey_DeBarron
    znr-101a > Peggy Carter 001b-by-ACJ-or-Marjorie-Cassidy-profdash
    zr-368a > Hilda Vaughn_Monroe + Goldberg_profdash
    zr-214m > Frances Williams De Mirjian
    zr-810b > Muriel Gray-
    zr-280c > identified as "Marcelle Edwards" I think it is instead Sonia Karlov (Spurr).
    See "1301471437_hartsook-570.jpg" in


    All with the benefit of the doubt and differing opinions


    Now, it seems to me, historicalziegfeld.multiply.com + ziegfeldgrrl.multiply.com, shall be permanently closed and unfortunately I can not verify what I have said in the past, rightly or wrongly and in relation to the knowledge of the time, I have to rely only on memory. I apologize for any repeats
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