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    profdash wrote on Mar 5
    Though she was not the greatest ballet dancer of her era, she was, next to Pavlova, the most photographed; her husband grasped the importance of publicity, particularly photograph placements in large circulation magazines with good repro. I own vintage prints of four of the above images, my favorite being the portrait shot in Denmark by Dr. Goodwin. The Thunderbird images come from "Get Together," a Broadway show M Fokine choreographed.

    Thank you Vlad for posting these.

Dancers: Vera Fokina
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld Mar 3, 2012

“Fokina, Vera (ne'e Antonova;b 3 Aug. 1886, d New York, 29 July 1958). Russian dancer. She studied at the Imperial Theatre School, St Petersburg, graduating into the Maryinsky in 1904. In 1905 she married Mikhail Fokine and danced in many of his ballets both with Diaghilev's Ballets Russes and in the US. She created roles in Carnaval and Firebird (both 1910).”

“Vera was a Russian dancer and was the widow of the famous Michel Fokine (b.1880-1942.) She graduated from the St. Petersburg "Imperial School of Ballet" in 1904. Vera married Michel Fokine in 1905 and became one of his most faithful disciples. They had a son named Vitale.
Vera achieved her greatest fame in Western Europe where she began her appearance's in 1908 with the Diaghileff ballet. Danced for awhile in the Maryinsky ballet theater until 1918, when she resigned and moved to New York with her husband Michel Fokine in 1919.”
© http://www.streetswing.com/histmai2/d2fokna.htm

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