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Dancers: Ida Rubinstein
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld Jun 15, 2010

Ida Rubinstein

“You ask, was Ida Rubinstein talented? She wasn't completely without talent; it all depended on which director worked with her.”
© Meyerhold Speaks/Meyerhold Rehearses, 1998

Ida Lvovna Rubinstein
(5 October 1885 – 20 September 1960)
“…Under the private tutelage of Mikhail Fokine she debuted in 1909 with a single private performance of Oscar Wilde's Salome', stripping completely nude in the course of the Dance of the Seven Veils.
Sergei Diaghilev took her with the Ballets Russes and she danced the title role of Cle'opa^tre in the Paris season of 1909. This performance was as a powerful spectacle, the costumes were designed by Leon Bakst and the finale inspired Kees van Dongen's Souvenir of the Russian Opera Season 1909.
Rubinstein was also much celebrated in art. Her portrait by Valentin Serov in 1910 marks the most complete realization of his mature style. The Art Deco sculptor Demetre Chiparus produced a Rubinstein figurine and she was painted by Antonio de la Gandara. Bisexual, Rubinstein began in 1911 a three-year affair with the painter Romaine Brooks, who created a striking portrait and used her as a nude model for Venus.
Rubinstein danced with the Ballet Russe again in the 1910 season, performing in Scheherazade, a ballet based on the first story of the Thousand and One Nights, choreographed by Michel Fokine and written by him and Le'on Bakst. This was admired at the time for its racy sensuality and sumptuous staging, but these days it is rarely performed; to modern tastes, it is considered too much of a pantomime and the then fashionable Orientalism appears dated.
In 1911 she performed in Le Martyre de Saint Sebastien. Gabriele d'Annunzio wrote the part for her and it was scored by Claude Debussy. This was both a triumph for its stylized modernism and a scandal; the Archbishop of Paris requested Catholics not attend because St. Sebastian was being played by a woman and a Jew.
After she left the Ballet Russe, Rubinstein founded and funded several ballet companies and she worked with a number of important choreographers and composers including Arthur Honegger. She commissioned and performed in Maurice Ravel's Bole'ro in 1928, she often staged free ballet events and continued to dance until the start of the Second World War...”
© http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ida_Rubinstein

“…When the Germans invaded France, she fled to England, the way eased by her long-time lover Walter Guinness (1880–1944), Lord Moyne, a high British official who was killed in Cairo in 1944 by Jewish terrorists. In London she adopted a squad of Free French airmen, whose survivors eventually paid for her tombstone…”
© http://jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/rubinstein-ida

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