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Irene Ahlberg Star of Earl Carroll's Vanities
by David for group historicalziegfeld Jul 20, 2012

Miss Unites States of 1929, Irene Ahlberg ranked behind Greta Garbo and alongside Anna Q. Nilsson as the greatest of the Swedish beauties that graced the stage and screen between the two world wars. Known to most lovers of motions pictures as Irene Ware, leading lady (Princess Nadji) of "Chandu, the Magician" and other features of the 1930s, Irene Ahlberg belonged to that generation of young women who gained entree into the world of performing artists through beauty contests. Winner of Miss America, and runner up in the Miss World Contest, Irene Ahlberg immediately attracted the notice of Earl Carroll, the unembarrassed beauty rustler of the New York Stage. Carroll's various yearly editions of the Vanities featured the most eye-catching women he could contract, usually presenting them with a minimum of dressing. Ahlberg, as a pageant celebrity, got rather more pearls and lace than the average chorine in the Vanities. Carroll featured her in the 1933 Vanities and the Earl Carroll Sketchbook before Hollywood came calling. Fox signed her to a contract in late 1932. While she moved gracefully and could convey emotional intensity of stage and screen, she was not a very versatile performer in terms of character impersonation. So as she aged, she had difficulty shifting into character roles. The De Mirjian photographs here show her just before her elevation into B-movie stardom. One interesting development since the 1990s has been an intense Swedish fascination with this performer, who was ignored during her lifetime by European moviegoers. Vlad has long been an appreciator of Irene Ahlberg and may have additional photographs archived somewhere. Profdash

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    gilesnemeton wrote on Jul 21, 2010
    These are great, David thanks for sharing these...


    studiolymar wrote on Jul 20, 2010
    lovely portraits
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