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Anna Pavlova & Mikhail Mordkin - the famous 1910 shoot
by David for group historicalziegfeld Dec 13, 2010

Herman Mishkin, photographer for the Metropolitan Opera, was approached in 1910 by Anna Pavlova, who with partner Mikhail Mordkin, the lead male dancer in the 1909 Diaghilev Ballet Russe season in Paris (Nijinsky had not yet earned star billing), planned a 1911 campaign across the United States. While two dozen images were approved for release, only those below were used in their national publicity. Darkly toned, sometimes sepia, Mishkin's original prints appeared on embossed rag card stock. Time has not been kind to these images, because they frequently suffer from fading, silvering, and a loss of the deepest shadows. Nevertheless, they remain among the finest and most influential dance images of the early 20th century. The first image remained a fundamental part of Pavlova's publicity dossier until 1927. David S. Shields


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