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Irene "Girl" Bentley
by David  for group historicalziegfeld Jan 7, 2011

Her career lasted a little over a decade. But she was one of the great beneficiaries of the emergence of the "Girl" as the focus of stage entertainment. Bumptious, young, energetic, athletic, and mobile--the Girl was a popular imagining of a woman with agency. She, not the 'new woman' of prose fiction, was the feminine incarnation of freedom. Irene Bentley specialized in figuring various forms of the "Girl"--as "The Casino Girl" the "Belle of Bohemia" "The Wild Rose" "The Girl from Dixie" and "The Belle of Mayfair." Actor-photograph Burr McIntosh was greatly concerned in his various sittings to catch some of the dash and flamboyance of Girl Bentley. In 1906 the attractive actress captured the attention of the greatest writer of librettos on Broadway, the prolific and successful, Harry B. Smith. As the second Mrs. Smith she did not have to work another day in her life, but chose to keep performing for four years until the urge to have children and advancing years caused her to surrender her life as a "Girl" David S Shields

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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Jan 12, '11
    A timeless beauty! Such magnificent costumes and apparel too. Thanks, David :smile:
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