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2012_Nov 5 - TWO Grace Moores?_Allison
by jane for group historicalziegfeld Nov 5, 2012 (HZG Multiply)

Can someone tell me -- were there TWO Grace Moore's associated with Ziegfeld? There was one who was beautiful young model for AJC and showgirl, and the other the performer and famed opera singer? They surely are not one and the same, right?

I ask as I am researching a Miss Grace Moore who was Jack Pickford's secretary n the late 20s to his death in 1933, in fact she was the only person with him when he died.

She may be yet a third Grace Moore for all I can tell. But any info would be great. You can see from the pictures, this surely is not one and the same Grace Moore.

Allison A.

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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Nov 5
    Hi Allison, thanks for bringing this up and for the album! Hopefully someone has the answer for you (and us). I'm just not the person for such IDs - which should be obvious :smile:

    juttahip wrote on Nov 5
    Yes this is what I'm thinking too. And knowing Jack Pickford's preference for Follies girls perhaps the younger one with the long hair became his secretary and companion. Or maybe that was another Grace Moore all together.

    juttahip wrote on Nov 11
    Thank you -- yes these are definitely 2 different women, and that newspaper piece was especially helpful since the undies model Grace Moore was from NJ, and the singer Grace Moore was from Tennessee. Thank you.

    juttahip wrote on Nov 14
    :smile: for sure -- I'm on the search for a picture of the secretary Grace Moore now.

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Nov 14
    Fantastic, Allison, thank you for letting us know about the 3rd. If you can, once we're settled elsewhere, that would make a great addition to this Grace Moore album... just hinting :smile:

    juttahip wrote on Nov 14
    This info all led me to discover that there was yet a third Grace Moore, she was no direct Ziegfeld connection, but was Jack Pickford's secretary when he was married to Marilyn Miller, so she was indirectly dealing with Ziegfeld a lot, especially when they divorced. Very little is known about her. She was with Jack when he died and returned his body to the US from Paris, and listed the Pickford Fairbanks studio as her address.

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Nov 15
    awesome! thanks! looking forward to it :smile:
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