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2012_Nov 20 - Marion Benda's Grave Marker - Before and Afters from Kim     7:11 AM
by jane for group historicalziegfeld Nov 20, 2012 (HZG Multiply)

Here's the story from the old Multipy blog:

Grave Marker for Marion Benda Purchased by Member, Now In Place
Nov 14, 2012 by jane for group historicalziegfeld

This is such a delightful message to see first thing today. If I get permission to say which member did this lovely thing I'll add her username:

"Can't remember if I wrote to you about this, but in case I didn't (and forgive me if I'm repeating myself), wanted you to know that I purchased a grave marker for Marion Benda last October, and it was placed on her grave at Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica, California before the end of the year last year, so I'm happy to say that her grave is no longer unmarked. Just so you know, because it is such good news ..... ; ) "

Good news? It's *great* news, fantastic news! And what a generous and lovely thing to do for Marion Benda. Thank you so much from all of us!

This made my day and it's not even 9am.


Member Kim and Marion Benda's Grave Marker
Nov 16, 2012 by jane for group historicalziegfeld

I received permission from Kim to use her name (Kimberly2222 here). She is the member who bought the grave stone for Marion Benda.

Not only did she do that but she persisted through time to do it since she had to work to get permission since she is not a family member. Here is more info on those who helped her:

"The other two ladies were Stacey Palmer, who tracked down the family for me, and Beth Goldman, who convinced Woodlawn Cemetery to allow a non family member to purchase a marker for Marion. I'm not sure if either is a member of Historical Ziegfeld, but I met them through the Ziegfeld page on Facebook, which Stacey had started (she is no longer on Facebook and the page is gone as well). When I shared with them, that I had wanted to mark her grave, but had been stopped because I wasn't family, they rallied around the cause and made it happen for me. It was such an emotional process and I know the heavens were smiling on the day it was finally placed."

"It's hard to really put into words, but for me, to have had the honor of bringing Marion the final respect she deserved was quite moving, almost surreal. I took photos of the marker, before and after its placement...I wanted to send them to you to see, but didn't have an email address for you...if you'd like, just let me know the email, and I will send them on to you...I felt so honored to be the one to select her marker design, and it turned out beautifully.

~ Kim

Marion Benda..Seeking Relatives so she can get a marker on her grave    Oct 16, '11
by Stacey for group historicalziegfeld

Seeking relatives of Ziegfeld Girl Marion Benda! Birth name "Marion Wilson" Since Marion Benda died penniless, her estate was not able to purchase a grave marker for her. LAST KNOWN RELATIVES..."Mme. Henriette Wakefield" Metropolitan Opera Star...She passed away in Oct 23, 1974 obituary in Bridgeport Post ..she is survived by son David B Evans and two brothers Lincoln Wilson and Herman B Wilson both of Wilton, CT. (David Evans GGGD Lila Smith, GD Nancy Evans Smith GDaughter Jan Evans of CT) - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_d9MEIRdbfiA/SwMfC18AboI/AAAAAAAAANI/RCgRkunRDlM/s1600/TheatreInWoods_100.JPG  .Looks like Henriette was Marion's faternal aunt. Descendants of Greek Evans Henriette's husband are alive today..we are searching for you!

"Third Cousin Perry Combs" A Hollywood Physical Instructor. "Uncle Lincoln Wilson". Marion was the daughter of "William G. Wilson", she attended Center and Hillside Schools Conn. Marion's Husbands were "Bill Wise" a Los Angeles news-paperman, and "Baron Rupprecht Von Boeckling".  She lies in unmarked grave. Only relatives can purchase a grave marker for her. Her resting spot can be found parallel to and in between the Thomas and Lyman headstones..find a grave info...

Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery Santa MonicaLos Angeles County California Plot: Grave 180, Block 4, Aisle B if you think you can help, contact Woodlawn Cemetary or Ziegfeld Follies tribute on facebook. No one should be forgotten in an unmarked grave because they had no money when they passed.


Thanks so much to Kim for sharing her story about getting a grave stone for Marion Benda.

Gorgeous! and hats off for going forward even though it was difficult. You saw something not right and worked to make it right and I love that.

Thanks too for sharing the before and after pics with all of us :)



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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    kittyinva wrote on Nov 20
    Well done. That is a very tasteful marker. And thanks for sharing the pictures. Kathie
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