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2011_May 10 - Unraveling the Rositas: ACJ and Other Pics, Info_jane
by jane for historicalziegfeld May 10, 2011 (HZ Multiply)

When it comes to "Rosita" of the Rosita & Ramon dance team there appears to be no end to the confusing and incorrect info online. Hopefully this is the correct info and will clear up some of the confusion and not make it worse :)

Rosita was the dance partner of Ramon (Reachi) in the 1920s until about 1935. They were called, aptly enough, Ramon & Rosita. In 1935, Rosita sued Ramon for using another woman to dance with him in the film Gold Diggers of 1935 because he also called that woman Rosita. That's why neither Ramon nor 'Rosita' were credited.



IMDB incorrectly lists Gold Diggers of 1935 in Rosita's filmography:


and also incorrectly lists Ramon's given name as Ramon Del Castillo Palop:


Rosita left Ramon Reachi behind and started another dance team with Georges Fontana, aptly called Rosita & Fontana. They performed together in the 1936 film "I'm Much Obliged."

Georges Fontana:


I still have no idea who this Rosita really was. I have not been able to find any info on her given name or birth date yet.

Does anyone know?

Ramon Reachi's obituary in the LA Times identifies the woman who Ramon danced with in Gold Diggers of 1935 as Renita:


Renita's given name was Amy Sureau. Two genealogy refs:



and IMDB:



Another Ramon and another Rosita starred in the 1930 Spanish version of Paramount on Parade (Galas De La Paramount). They were Ramon Pereda and Rosita Moreno:


Rosita Moreno IBDB (no credits):


as Rosita Morena IBDB (Pleasure Bound 1929):


Rosita Moreno IMDB:



Eva Rosita performed uncredited in Rio Rita (1930):



Spanish dancers were so in vogue that the LA Times did a full page on them in 1927 (included here with a crop of Rosita Alvarado with Don Marquis).

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