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  • http://chloegianelli.weebly.com - 1Reply
    We stumbled over here from a different website and thought I may as well check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you.
    Look forward to looking over your web page for a second time.
  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    dcamargo28 wrote on Apr 15, '10
    Thanks, Deidre. It's great to be here and see so many great images. I know it is a little off topic, but as it is my first book I would like to share this article with the rest of the group. It'sa great site which has a lot on information on silent films, which I love too. Hope you like it:


    Best wishes from Brazil,

    deirdremontague wrote on Apr 15, '10
    Im from Viña del mar, Chile. :lol: Welcome to the group Dcamargo!!

    Ps: im adding more pictures:lol:

    kittyinva wrote on Apr 14, '10
    That sounds fascinating. I bet others here would like to hear more about it. I too am a huge fan of Ziegfeld and the girls. I also simply love the period of about 1915-1927. That's where Norma Talmadge comes in - so beautiful and she could really act. I enjoy silent films so much, and have recently decided I have a crush on Valentino! I'm reading the Emily W. Leider bio of him now, and she is such a fine writer. So insightful, and backs up her premises with accurate historical information. Thanks for writing back, and good luck on the play. Kathie

    dcamargo28 wrote on Apr 13, '10
    Hi, Kathie and everybody. Yes, I'm from Rio and I joined here because I'm a huge fan of the Ziegfeld's girls, specially Louise Brooks, about whom I'm writing a play. Anyway, it's great to be here with such nice people. Best wishes from Brazil. You know, we here had a kind of theatre like Ziegfeld. It was called "teatro de revista", and had scantly dressed actresses and dancers, social critic jokes and songs.

    kittyinva wrote on Apr 13, '10
    Only if she does Norma Talmadge first! Just kidding, but I love Norma. Isn't it great to have so many interesting, adult, positive and intelligent people here? After being flamed by illiterate 14 year olds on other sites (which I, of course, promptly dropped), I was wary of joining anything again. But I just love being here, and sharing our interests. dcamargo, you're from Rio de Janeiro? And Dierdre, where are you from? I'm from Virginia, and live about 45 mins. outside Washington, DC in the area known as Northern Virginia. I'm in a pretty (architecturally speaking!) small town, but can get to the city for museums and theatre when needed. I like it. Well, looking forward to more from you, Dierdre. Kathie

    dcamargo28 wrote on Apr 13, '10
    Great! How about an album on Louise Brooks? Thanks so much and best regards from Rio de Janeiro.

    deirdremontague wrote on Apr 12, '10
    Danke!! i will add more later :wink:

    kittyinva wrote on Apr 12, '10
    These are so pretty, Deirdre. I love to see colorized photos, they help "flesh out" the imagination! I hope you'll have time to leave more for us to see. Kathie

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Apr 7, '10
    Hi Deirdre, so nice to see you again! Thanks so much for posting these here. Lovely work and much appreciated :smile:

Colorized Ziegfeld Girls (Nudes)_deirdre
by deirdre for group historicalziegfeld Apr 7, 2010

Here s my try to create an album to share with you my colorized pictures of this gorgeous women. If i did it wrong, please feel free to delete it.

Mostly of them were found here and some other were found on doctor Macro or Russian postcards. Thanks to all of you for sharing!,

Watermark is in them just to avoid to see them on ebay or such as, You know how people are.

To identify some of them i will need your help so i will apreciate a lot your help

Thanks in advanced!

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