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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    obb1esso wrote on Aug 31, '08
    Babbler here. You can’t see me drooling but I can spell it. Alexei Galushkov artistry is extraordinary and the models aren’t bad either. OB

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Aug 31, '08
    Hahaha, yes I can practically see you drooling OB :smile: Check out the models page on the newly translated and revamped English site! Incredible the different looks Alex gets from each of the gorgeous models he has. So glad you enjoyed these.

    I wanted to wait to put the album up till he had the English translated site up and until I could put dates and names to most of these.

    Will send him a message today with all of these nice compliments. Thanks!

    retroatelier wrote on Sep 12, '08
    Thank you very much indeed for posting us next to the masterpieces from your collection, Jane!
    And thanks to everyone who is not indifferent to what we do. Thank you very much for your kind words. Come and visit our site!

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Sep 13, '08
    It's certainly my pleasure, Alex :smile: Thank you so much for giving permission to share these on this site!!! As you can see they are much liked :smile:

    People are visiting your site now. And I do and Max does (he helps here but does not visit. He's been going to your site for a long time, big admirer :smile: and florodorogirl, a member here, has added a link to your site on her Multiply site.

    Soon you will be world famous!

    Thank you so so much for correcting names and adding new ones. Such beauties! And when you added the models sections on your English site I was amazed by how many looks you get from each of them. Incredible!

    Thanks again so much for sharing with us and joining us here, Alexei. So nice to have you here!

    jane :smile:

    deirdremontague wrote on Nov 10, '10
    I love retroatelier!!! Their pictures looks so real!. Its a pity that some members of Deviant tart use this modern pictures as stock images and no one does a thing to stop that. I think its disrespectful for the models and the photographer (and a huge copyright infraction!).

    obb1esso wrote on Nov 10, '10
    Deirdre, I take it you are talking about the website “deviantart.com”. I did not register to search the nude pictures but, if they are posting copies of Mr Galushkov's photographs without his permission it is theft.

Retroatelier's Vintage Style Photo Homages To Alfred Cheney Johnston
by jane for historicalziegfeld Aug 30, 2008

Over a year or so ago, Empousa posted a pic done in Alfred Cheney Johnston's style. We all discussed it and wondered about it, made comparisons to other ACJ pics. No-one knew where it came from. It was finally tracked down to Alexei Galushkov's site in Russia. He is not only an excellent homage photographer but a wonderful man as well, great sense of humor and very down-to-earth.

See my Links section for more info. There is nothing he can't do perfectly - from vintage erotica, glamour photography from the 1930s-1950s, Victoria, any sort of vintage photography you can imagine.

His old site has been revamped, reorganized and is now in English here:


His livejournal blog site is constantly being updated here (don't forget to visit the archives!):


and his great retrograd site on photosight gives a fantastic easily viewed overview of the types of work he does:


Thanks to Alex for his kind permission to post his wonderful Alfred Cheney Johnston Ziegfeld homages here!

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