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Diesel 'Fuel For Life' Perfume Ad Campaign, ACJ Inspired Photos
by jane for historicalziegfeld Feb 14, 2008

Bob told me about this campaign back in September but the market I go to didn't carry Marie Claire magazine. It was also launched in a few other mags. He just sent me small pics the other day.

So I asked Max if he could go find me the larger sized pics and voila, they were in my email box yesterday morning. Thanks, Max!!! I did a bit more hunting and found the next to last one, scanned by Sister D (the Mistress of all scans magazine), and found out the photographer is Laragh McCann.

Oddly, there was no discussion of the images on the fashion boards, just of the Fuel For Life fragrance. No one realizes what the images reference. Regarding an image from another Diesel campaign, someone said that Diesel has a habit of stealing images and ideas and not giving any credit for them.

But what do you think about the images? I like the way the models look but they look out of place to me stuck in the ads. Incongruous. And with no mention of Alfred Cheney Johnston, how could anyone make any sense of them?

So this is why I'm posting them. Something new to think about while I'm going on with my neverending sorting of old ACJ pics.

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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    obb1esso wrote on Feb 14, '08
    Jane, check YouTube for Diesel commercials. The first two models are in tv ads.

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Feb 14, '08
    Thanks, OB, I will. Max also sent me some vids.
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