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ACJohnston... and Ann Howe (Mildred Bromley)
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld Sep 25, 2011

ACJohnston... and Ann Howe (Mildred Bromley)

1st Anne Howe:
Miss Hammond, Indiana, 1927
Posed for Genthe in september 1927.
“Third in the judges' opinion Was Miss Hammond, Indiana, a law student, 20 years old, named Anne Howe.”
Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Sep 9, 1927

2nd Ann/Anne Howe (Mildred Bromley):
Name - Mildred Bromley.
Stage name - Ann/Anne Howe
1926 - “The Radio Girl”. KNX, Hollywood.
1926 - “Mighty Like a Moose”
1927 - Don Meaney’s Midnite Frolic. “The Protégé of Radio”.
1928 – “Ann of Tin Pan Alley” as project.
1928 - “The Wild Westerner”.
Perhaps, MB was the sister, or cousin of the Barbara Bromley (misspell = Browmley, Bronnley).
Perhaps, changed her stage name after the scandal.

“If you've been "listening in" you have probably heard of "Ann Howe."
Anyway, radio seems to be making a new screen star. A star of the ether, "Ann Howe" is expected to emerge soon and materialize on the screen.
It was Don Meaney, well known in the picture industry through several years of association with the studios as a publicity man, who put "Ann" across. He promoted the girl as a mythical person seeking prominence in
From station KFI, in Los Angeles, he told the radio fans that "Ann Howe "could become a star if they would support her.
The radio fans answered, some thirty thousand of them. They declared they would boost "Ann Howe." An offer of a contract came to Meaney for his star from a comedy producer. But the publicity man wanted to
try out the idea on the whole country before he signed her up. He got the Associated Press interested in news of her and has traveled from radio station to radio station, from New York to San Francisco, telling the world about the girl.
Now Don reports "Ann" has had a screen test, shown herself a beauty and a personality and that she is soon to appear as star of a photoplay written by a prominent author.”
© Photoplay, July 1926

Radio Fans Put Her In The Movies .
Evening Independent - Jan 18, 1928
“Ann Howe was chosen from this groupand began her new work supported not only by but by 157 other radio stations as well Her first job was to tour the United...”

Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - Sep 7, 1928
“TIhe Is from Miss Mildred Bromley and Is somewhat tart In tone How Miss Bromley ... Brom ley from using the nameAnne Howe which Miss Page says is ex her own ...”

Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - Sep 1, 1928
The radio world ought to have a star of its very own Before she ... injured by the fact that she has adoptedAnne Howe Immediately they hired Lawyer Schenck ...
Paul Schenk with docu ments and a bond in the sum of ... or employees do any more than think the nameAnne Howe they and each of them will ...”

Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - Sep 8, 1928
“It now Is the law in California that pending further order of the court at least Mildred Bromley will have to stop wearing that nameAnn Howe...”

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