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These are screengrabs from Historical Ziegfeld on Multiply starting in 2006. I don't have zip files for pics. Someone please add them in whatever way you have numbered or named - many have been renamed many times since the HZ posts.

If you can help please add a comment on this album letting us know you're working on it so there is no duplication of effort. If you help and you don't have authority to upload pics or download zip files of albums here, please contact me.

Note about 'Contact' albums from Multiply: On Multiply, all 'risque' and 'nudes' had to be hidden from the public or a site would be shut down. There was no other reason for having separate 'Contact' albums.

When / If someone adds the pics I'll come back and add the comments.


Info from old album headers:

05-2011: Please see vlad's posts on the Group Site regarding the following IDs:

Farber Sisters (Irene Farber, Constance Farber)

02-2011: Please see vlad's posts on the Group Site regarding the following IDs. Super work!

Beatrice Roberts

Muriel Gray

06-2010: Please see vlad's post on the Group Site regarding Helen Brown / Helen Brown Hayes renames:

ACJohnston and the mystery of Helen Hayes

Pics of both Dolores & Helene Costello are in this album as "Costello Sisters."

Pics of Dorothy Gish are in the G-K album under "Gish Sisters":

In this album:

Ada May (aka Ada-May, Ada May Weeks), Addie Rolf, Adele Astaire, Adele Mason, Mildred Klaw, Adele Smith, Adrienne Ames, Agnes Ayres, Agnes Franey, Aileen Meehan, Alberta Turner, Albertina Rasch Dancers, Albertina Vitak, Albertine Marlowe (aka Babe Marlowe), Alexandra Carlisle, Alice Brady, Alice Joyce, Alice Swain (aka Miss Swayne), Alice Terry, Alice Wagner, Alice Weaver, Alice Wilkie, Allison Worth, Allyn King, Alma Mamay, Alma Rubens, Alma Simpson, Alma Tell, Alta King, Amelia Johnson, Anita Page, Anita Stewart, Ann Andres, Ann Carey, Ann Harding, Ann Hope, Ann Little, Ann Pennington, Ann Smith, Anna Buckley, Anna Case, Anna Luther, Anna May Denehy, Anna Q. Nilsson, Anne Howe, Anne Lee Patterson, Annette Bade, Araminta Estelle Durfee Arbuckle, Arline Pretty (Arlene Pretty), Astrid Ohlson, Avonne Taylor, Barbara Dean, Barbara La Marr, Barbara Post, Barbara Smith, Barbara Stanwyck, Bea Bachman, Beatrice Dakin (Babe Dakin), Beatrice Allen (Billie Allen), Beatrice Roberts (Beatrice Forbes-Robertson), Beatrice Savage, Beatrice Wilson, Bebe Daniels, Bee Palmer, Benay Farley, Bernice Ackerman, Bernice Dewey, Bernice Manners, Beryl Halley, Beryl Williams, Bess Fuller, Beth Beri, Betty Allen, Betty Blythe, Betty Browne, Betty Carsdale, Betty Compson, Betty Compton, Betty Dumbris, Betty Hale, Betty Hanna, Betty Jewel, Betty Morton (Elizabeth Morton), Betty Real, Betty Ross Clarke (Betty Ross, Betty Ross Clark, Betty Ross-Clarke, Betsy Ross Clark, maybe Betsy Ross), Billie Burke, Billie Dove, Billy Wagner (Billie Wagner), Blanche Satchell, Blanche Sweet, Blanche Tomlin, Bobbe Arnst, Bonnie Murray, Buella Sharp Crawford, Caja Eric, Cameron Sisters (Madeline Cameron), Camilla Horn, Carmel Myers, Carol Dempster, Carolyn Nunder, Caryl Bergman (Carol Bergman), Catherine Calvert, Catherine Curtis, Catherine Dale Owen, Catherine Moylan, Cecile Markle, Celeste Whitney, Charlotte Sprague, Charlotte Wakefield, Charlotte Walker, Chris Crane (Crissy Crane), Claiborne Foster, Claire Nagle, Claire Martin, Claire Windsor, Clara Bow, Clara Carroll, Clara Kimball Young, Clara Scott, Clare Herenden, Clarisse Coudert (Mrs Conde Nast), Claudette Colbert, Claudia Dell, Colette Francis, Colleen Moore, Constance Binney, Constance Talmadge, Consuelo LaMont, Consuello La Mont, Corinne Griffith, Cutter Sisters (Cookie Cutter & Daisy Cutter), Cynthia Cambridge, Daisy De Witt, Dazie Mlle (Mlle Dazie, La Belle Dazie, Daisy Peterkin), Delyle Alda, Diana Allen, Diana Gordon (Diana Adele Garden), Diane Irvine, Dinarzade (Petra Clive), Dolly Donnelly, Dolly Sisters (Rosie Dolly & Jenny Dolly, Rosika and Jansci Deutsch), Dolores (Kathleen Mary Rose Wilkinson, Rose Dolores), Dolores Cassinelli, Dolores Costello, Dolores Russelle, Dolores Rousse, Donna & Medrano, Donna Landwehr (Medrano & Donna), Doree Leslie, Doris Eaton (Lucille Levant), Doris Keane, Doris Kenyon, Doris Lane, Doris May, Doris Rankin, Dorothy Cray (Dorothy Gay, Miss Gay), Dorothy Dalton, Dorothy Dickson, Dorothy Dilley, Dorothy Dwan, Dorothy Fenron (Dorothy Fineron), Dorothy Flood, Dorothy Graves, Dorothy Hall, Dorothy Hathaway, Dorothy Irving (Irving Sisters), Dorothy Klewer, Dorothy Knapp, Dorothy Koffee, Dorothy Leeds, Dorothy Mackaill, Dorothy Phillips, Dorothy Revier, Dorothy Sebastian, Dorothy Stone, Dorothy Tosbelle, Dorothy Wegman, Drucilla Strain, Helene Costello, Jean Lamar.

Robert Medrano, Theodore Kosloff.

Named ACJ Pics: E-K    Mar 2, '08 3:10 PM

06-2010: Please see vlad's post on the Group Site regarding Helen Brown / Helen Brown Hayes renames: ACJohnston and the mystery of Helen Hayes

In this album:

Dorothy Gish, Dorothy Wegman, Edith Day, Edith May (Capes), Edith Pierce, Edith Roberts, Edith Sargent, Edith Taliaferro, Edna French, Edna Hibbard, Edna Johnson, Edna Leedom, Edna Wallace Hopper, Edmonde Guy, Edwina Prue, Edythe Baker, Eileen Percy, Elaine Fields, Elaine Hammerstein, Eleanor Boardman, Eleanor Dell, Eleanor Griffith, Eleanor Lang, Eleanor Painter, Eleanora Ambrose Maurice, Elise Hamilton, Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Darling, Elizabeth Hines, Ellinore Taylor, Eloise Kilborn, Elsie Behrens, Elsie Duffy, Elsie Ferguson, Elsie Janis, Elsie Lawson, Emilie Lea, Emily Drange, Emily Post, Emma Haig, Erin O'Brien Moore, Ernestine Myers, Estelle Taylor, Esther Mitchell (as Ethel Mitchell maybe), Ethel Barrymore, Ethel Britton, Ethel Davies, Ethel Hallor,, Ethel Shutta, Ethel Stanard, Ethelind Terry, Eugenia Gilbert, Eva Brady (Eva Grady), Evan Burrows Fontaine, Eve Hackett, Evelyn Brent, Evelyn Greeley, Evelyn Gosnell, Evelyn Groves, Evelyn Law, Evelyn Laye, Ewing Eaton, Fairbanks Twins (Madeline Fairbanks & Marion Fairbanks), Fannie Brice, Fanny Brice, Fanny Marinoff, Fania Marinoff, Fay Bainter, Fay Celeste, Fay Martin, Flo Kennedy, Flo Newton, Flora Le Breton, Flora Revalles, Florence Atkinson, Florence Bruce, Florence Burdett, Florence Crane, Florence Cripps (Flossie Cripps), Florence Dixon, Florence Hedges, Florence Kern, Florence La Badie, Florence Nash, Florence O'Denishawn, Florence Reed, Florence Shirley, Florence Vidor, Florence Walton, Frances Dee, Frances Pritchard, Frances Reveaux, Frances Upton, Frances White, Frances Whitmore, Francine Larrimore, Freda Leonard, Frieda Hempel, Frieda Mierse, Fritzi Ridgeway, Gail Kane, Galina Kopernak, Ganna Walska, Genevieve Tobin, Georgia Carroll, Georgia Lerch, Geraldine Farrar, Gertrude Bryan, Gertrude Lawrence, Gertrude Macdonald, Gertrude Miller, Gilda Gray, Gina Relly, Gladys Coburn, Gladys Feldman, Gladys Glad, Gladys Leslie, Gladys Loftus, Gladys Slater, Gladys Zielian, Gloray Pierre, Gloria Foy, Gloria Swanson, Grace Hayes, Grace George, Grace Moore, Gretchen Eastman , Hannah Toback, Hazel Donnelly, Hazel Forbes, Hazel Jennings, Hazel Washburn, Helen Bolton, Helen Brown, Helen Ellsworth, Helen Falconer, Helen Ford, Helen Frances, Helen Hermes, Helen Jesmer, Helen La Vonne, Helen LeVon, Helen Lee Worthing, Helen Lyons, Helen MacKellar, Helen Mellette, Helen Menken, Helen Morgan, Helen Roche (Bonnie Glass, Mrs Ben Ali Haggin), Helen Shea, Helen Wehrle, Helene C. Clive, Helene Denizon, Hilda Ferguson, Hope Hampton, Ida Tarbell, Imogene Wilson (aka Mary Nolan), Ina Claire, Irene Barker, Irene Bordoni, Irene Castle, Irene Delroy, Irene Fenwick, Irene Franklin, Irene Wales, Irma Schubert, Irma Marwick, Isabel Leighton, Ivy Sawyer, Jackie Saunders, Jacqueline Logan, Jane Carroll, Jane Cowl, Jane Green (aka Jane Greene), Jane Grey, Jane Richardson, Jane Sels, Janet Megrew, Janet Velie, Jean Ackerman, Jean Arthur, Jean Lamar, Astrid Ohlson, Jean Paige, Jeanette Hackett, Jeanne Audree, Jeanne Eagels, Jessie Brown, Jessie Madison, Jessie Reed, Fairbanks Twins, Joyce Fair, Juana Sheppard, Judith Anderson, Julanne Johnston, Julia Ballew, Julia Bruns, Julia Ross, Julie Newmar, Juliette Johnson, June Caprice, June Walker, Justine Johnstone, Katherine Alexander, Katherine Burke, Katherine Daly, Katherine Galanta, Katherine de Galanta, , Katherine MacDonald, Katherine Murray, Kathleen Court, Kathlene Martyn (aka Kathleen Martyn), Kathlyn Ardelle (aka Kathlene Ardelle), Kathryn Hayman, Kathryn Perry, Kay English, Kay Laurell, Kitty Kelly, Lillian Gish, Myrna Darby

Named ACJ Pics: L-N    Dec 11, '06 11:11 AM

In this album:

Leatrice Joy, Lee Russell, Lenore Lukens (Leonora Lukens), Leonora Masso, Leslie Doree, Lila Lee, Lillebil Ibsen, Lillian Leitzel, Lillian Lorraine, Lillian McKenzie, Lilyan Tashman, Lina Basquette, Lois Leigh, Lois Meredith, Lois Wilson, Lora Foster, Loretta Marks, Loretta Harris, Lorraine Huling, Lorraine Manville, Loretta Marks, Louise Brooks, Louise Glaum, Louise Groody, Louise Huff, Louise Andrews, Lucille Bremer, Lucille Cavanaugh, Lucille Lee Stewart, Lucille Levant, Lucy Cotton, Lynne Carver (Virginia Reid Sampson), Lynn Fontanne, Mabel Normand, Madeleine Janis, Madeline Starhill, Madge Bellamy, Madge Kennedy, Madrienne La Barre, Mae Daw, Mae Marsh, Mae Murray, Marcelle Earle, Margalo Gillmore, Margaret Anglin, Margaret Clayton, Marcelle Donovan, Margaret Davies, Margaret Falconer, Margaret Horan, Margaret Irving, Margaret Morris, Margaret St. Clair, Margaret Walsh, Margery Chapin Wellman, Margot Kelly, Marguerite Clark, Marguerite Falconer (aka Margaret Falconer), Marguerite Maxwell (aka Margaret Maxwell), Marguerite Namara, Maria Keiva, Marie Ahern, Marie Prevost, Marie Stafford (aka Louise Stafford), Marie Stevens, Marie Wells, Marie Whitmore, Marilyn Miller, Marion Benda, Marion Davies, Marion Hurley, Marion Roberts Strasmick, Marion Trabue, Marion Youron, Marjorie Cassidy, Marjorie Daw, Marjorie Hast, Marjorie King, Marjorie-May Martin, Marjorie Mulhall, Marjorie Whittington, Margie Whittington, Martha Albert, Martha Hedman, Martha Lorber, Martha Mansfield, Martha Pierre, Mary Alice Rice, Mary Carr, Mary Coyle, Mary Eaton, Mary Hay, Mary Jane, Mary Jane Nickerson, Mary Lange, Mary Lawlor, Mary Lewis, Mary Milburn (Esther Morris), Mary Newcomb (Mary Newcombe), Mary Pickford, Mary Rehan, Mary Servoss, Mary Young (Mrs John Craig), Mauresetta (Mlle Mawresette, Mawresetta), May Brooks, May Collins, May Leslie, May McAvoy, Mignon Ranseer, Mildred Fisher (aka Billie Fisher), Mildred Davis, Mildred Harris, Mildred Lunnay (Mildred Van Horn), Mildred Klaw, Mildred Pierce, Mildred Soper, Miriam Cooper, Miriam Hopkins, Miriam Miller, Miss Gillin, Mitzi Hajos, Mlle. Dazie, Mollie King, Mrs Conde Nast (Clarisse Coudert), Mrs Fiske, Minnie Madern Fiske, Muriel Finley (aka Merle Finley, Murrel Finley), Muriel Gray, Muriel Martin, Muriel Miles, Muriel Ostriche, Muriel Southern, Myrna Darby, Myrtle Hammersted, Nanette Guilford, Naomi Johnston, Nina Whitmore, Nina Whittmore, Nita Naldi, Noel Francis, Norma Cloos, Nona Otero, Norma Shearer, Norma Talmadge, Norma Terris, Kay English

Named ACJ Pics: O-Z    Mar 15, '08 6:01 PM

In this album:

Olive Brady, Olive Osborne, Olive Tell, Olive Thomas, Patricia Leonard, Patricia Parsons, Patsy O'Day, Paulette Duval, Paulette Goddard, Pauline Frederick, Pauline Leland, Pauline Lord, Pauline Mason, Pauline Williams, Geneva Price, Madelyn Killeen, Pauline Starke, Peaches Browning (Frances Belle Heenan), Pearl Eaton, Pearl White, Pickles Sinclair, Peggy Blake, Peggy Carter (or perhaps Marjorie Cassidy), Peggy Davis, Peggy Eleanore, Peggy Hopkins Joyce, Peggy O'Neil, Peggy Pelham, Peggy Prevost (Marjorie Prevost), Peggy Shannon, Peggy Shaw, Peggy Udell (Peggy Unertl), Peggy Underwood, Polly Walker, Perle Germond, Perle Germonde, Pearl Germond, Princess Matchabelli (aka Maria Carmi), Princess White Deer, Queenie Smith, Ray Dooley, Renee Adoree, Renita Johnson, Reri (Anne Chevalier), Rosalie Mellette, Rose Mariella (Rose Errico), Rosie Quinn, Ruby Keeler, Ruby Lewis, Rubye De Remer, Ruth Clifford, Ruth Etting, Ruth Findlay, Ruth Gordon, Ruth Laird, Ruth Morgan, Ruth Patterson, Ruth Taylor, Ruth Thomas, Ruth Wilcox, Ruth Wordell, Sally Long, Sally Milgrim, Sally Starr, Scott Sisters, Seena Owen, Shannon Day, Shirley Mason, Shirley Vernon, Simone D'Herlys, Semone D'Herlys, Sue Conroy (aka Suzanne Conroy), Sumiko Susuki, Sumiko Suzuki, Susan Fleming, Sybil Carmen, Sylvia Beecher, Sylvia Breamer, Sylvia Clark, Tallulah Bankhead, Tamara Geva, Teddie Gerard, Teddy Grel, Theda Bara, Trini Ramos, Vanda Hoff, Vera Marsh, Vera Maxwell, Vera Michelena, Vera Milton, Virginia Bacon, Virginia Bell, Virginia Biddle, Virginia Pearson, Virginia Snyder, Virginia Valli, Vivian Martin, Vivian Porter, Vivienne Osborne, Vivienne Segal, Wanda Hawley, Wanda Lyon (aka Wanda Lyons), Wilda Bennett, Williams, Winnie Lightner, Yvonne D'Arle, Yvonne Grey, Yvonne Shelton, Yvonne Sinclair, Zelda Fitzgerald, Zena Keefe, Zitelka Dolores

Named ACJ Pics (Contacts)    Dec 8, '07 3:05 PM

Adele Smith
Adrienne Ames
Agnes Ayres
Agnes Franey
Agnes O'Laughlin maybe
Alden Gay
Alice Brady
Alice Lorraine
Alice Weaver
Alice Wilkie
Althea Clark
America Chedister
Anastasia Reilly
Anita Stewart
Ann Crowell
Ann Gould
Ann Smith
Anne Howe
Anne Lee Patterson
Annette Downes maybe
Arline Emerson
Autumn Sims
Barbara Bromley
Barbara Gilroy
Barbara Newberry
Barbara Smith
Barbara Stanwyck
Beatrice Roberts (Beatrice Forbes-Robertson)
Benay Farley
Beryl Halley
Betty Blythe
Betty Johnston
Betty Marr
Betty Tucker
Billie Ball
Billie Dove
Bonnie Murray
Carol Flower
Carolyn Pierson
Carrie Munn as Carolyn Nunder
Caryl Bergman
Catherine Dale Owen
Catherine Moylan
Cathleen Vanderbilt (Cath Vanderbuilt)
Cecile Markle
Claire Joyce
Claire Luce
Clara Bow
Claudia Dell
Corinne Griffith
Corone Paynter
Costello Sisters Helene
Cutter Sisters (Daisy & Cookie)
Desti (Maria Desty)
Dolly Donnelly
Dolores Hutchins
Doree Leslie
Doris Kenyon
Doris Lane
Doris Rossiter
Dorothy Bloom Kreymborg
Dorothy Clark
Dorothy Dalton
Dorothy Dickson
Dorothy Flood
Dorothy Graves
Dorothy Knapp
Dorothy Wegman
Drucilla Strain
Edna Conway
Elsie Behrens
Elsie Ferguson
Elsie Winston and Georgia (Emily Winston maybe)
Eugenie Frontai
Evan Burrows Fontaine
Evelyn Groves
Evelyn Pieper
Farber Sisters Irene, Constance
Florence Duffy
Florence O'Denishawn
Frieda Mierse
Gladys Glad
Harriet Hagman
Hazel Forbes
Helen Brown
Helen Henderson
Helen Twelvetrees
Imogene Wilson (aka Mary Nolan)
Irene Delroy
Irene Marcellus
Isabel Gardner
Jaqueline Schalley
Jean Ackerman
Jean Tennyson
Jeanne (aka Jean) Audree
Justine Johnstone
Katherine Burke
Kathryn Ray
Lena Thomas
Lilian Bond
Lora Foster
Louise Brooks
Louise Burke
Louise Squire
Lucila Mendez
Lucille Bremer
Madeline Parker
Margaret Davies
Margaret Davis
Marie Johnson
Marie McDonald
Marie Stevens
Marion Roberts Strasmick
Marjorie King
Marjorie Levoe
Martha Graham
Martha Mansfield
Mary Alice Rice
Mary Hay
Mary Mulhern
Mildred Albert
Mildred Klaw
Mona Moray
Muriel Gray
Myrna Darby
Myrtle Hammersted
Naomi Johnson
Norma Shearer
Olive Brady
Patricia Parsons
Patsy O'Day
Paulette Goddard
Peggy Callahan
Peggy Green
Peggy Paige
Peggy Shaw
Polly Walker
Rella Harrison
Renee Adoree
Romala Robinson (Romola maybe)
Shirley Mason
Tallulah Bankhead
Teddy Walters
Tilly Losch
Trini Ramos
Vera Marsh
Virginia Bacon
Virginia Biddle
Virginia Pearson
Vivian Porter
Yvonne Grey
Zada Lord (Ruth Levy maybe)


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