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    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Oct 23 2012
    And yet again. This album id'ing these pics as Irene and Constance Farber was posted Nov 21, 2010. It wasn't until the end of May 2012 that the original was sold on ebay.

    As De Bower Sisters.

    I made a note to go back and check this but am just getting to it.

    The news article in here: Farber Sisters Constance 12-13-1927 Her Life_vlad shows that Constance was married to De Bower. How Irene became a De Bower sister in the ebay listing... no idea. It is not id'd as that on the back of the photo.
  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    profdash wrote on Nov 21, '10

ACJohnston... and The Farber Sisters
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld Nov 21, '10 12:12 PM

The Farber Sisters
The Farber Girls

Constance Farber (Connie Farber)

Irene Farber

“Snaring top billing was Australian mimic and singer Maizie Rowlands, although the Farber Sisters, a pair of singing and dancing comediennes, stole almost as much press wearing skirts with daring side vents "several inches upward from the hems”...”
© “Renegades, showmen & angels: a theatrical history of Fort Worth” by Jan Jones, 2006

“Quick Success For Two Pretty Moline Girls
"Two young New York girls have made one big hit."
New York's highest praise, claiming an actress as its very own, was thus accorded by a Gotham paper to Constance and Irene Farber, known in vaudeville as the Farber girls. As. a matter of fact the young women came from Moline, Ill. Down Moline way they were also known as the Farber girls, as they, might have been known as the Jones girls or the Jlggs girls. Even as little tots they showed a fondness for the stage. No Elk's entertainment, no Church sociable was complete without "the Farber girls."
Then the father died. The girls and Mrs. Farber came to Chicago. Constance and Irene were still in high school at John A. Drake. The mother sold cloaks. The girls were restless with their mother laboring for them. A theatrical advertisement, asking for chorus girls, attracted them.

There was a long family conference and the girls visited the theaiter. The mother went with them. She has been with them ever since. In musical comedy the three traveled all over the. country. A vaudeville manager saw the girls and advised them to enter the variety game. They arranged an act, a simple enough one neither of the girls ever took a singing or dancing lesson —and went around to the agents. It was hard work. One day, how ever, a "temperamental" actress quit her place on the bill at the Majestic theater in Chicago. The agent sent for the Farber girls and caught them in a photographer's studio being "took" In their stage clothes. It was a hurry-up taxicab trip to the theater and a breathless entrance.
After It was through — Well, the critics still talk about "the Farber girls."”
© The Tacoma times, 29 February 1912

“Herbert Francis de Bower married Constance Farber Jan. 23, 1923.
She won a Reno divorce from the founder of the Alexander Hamilton Institute on Nov. 26, 1937.
Jacques AL Raffray married Constance Farber de Bower on Dec. 2, 1937.”
© Life, 13 December 1937

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