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04-17: Corinne Griffith ID Question (Contacts)
by jane for historicalziegfeld Apr 17, 2011

Now that vlad has brought up the question of the last photo actually being of Corinne, I was wondering if everyone could look over the older posted images of her. I'm fairly sure the first was sold as Corinne but have no memory of the middle three.

I now find I am not thrilled with 005b being named as Corinne. Does everyone or anyone think this is her? Not her?

Unfortunately, I have no record of how the rest came to be Corinne.

I started keeping track of who id'd what because an album disappeared and took all of the comments with it that I'd been counting on as a history.

I checked my folder of original images posted on EvilBay by Americana but alas, none of them are in there. I was hoping that these would have partial names included in the pic name as some others did.

If anyone has that info please tell!



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