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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    ohikkoshi wrote on May 22, '11
    "? Brown (maybe meant to be Elizabeth Brown, pic sold in auction)"
    Helen Brown.

    ohikkoshi wrote on May 22, '11
    “Dorothy Donnelly”
    Dolly Donnelly?

    “Mae & Faye???”
    Marie Frye (Marie McDonald aka Cora Marie Frye)

    "? McGowan"
    Loretta McGowan?

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 22, '11
    vlad, a question on Dolly:

    There are two Dorothy Donnelly entries on IBDB. One for the famous lyricist/performer:


    and one for a 1930-31 performer:


    The Dolly Donnelly ACJ looks earlier than 1930-31 to me. Possibly ACJ also photo'd the famous Dorothy Donnelly?


    jotod wrote on Jun 19
    I think "I. Wilson" is Imogene Wilson (aka Mary Nolan).

    ohikkoshi wrote on May 22, '11, edited on May 22, '11
    “? Caryl”
    Caryl Bergman?

    "A O'Brien? (maybe Alice O'Brien?)"
    Ann O'Brien

    ohikkoshi wrote on May 22, '11, edited on May 22, '11
    “Barbara Brown/e/ (Barbara Brown, Barbara Browne)”
    Barbara Bronnley / Barbara Bromley?

    as Barbara Browmley:

    ohikkoshi wrote on May 22, '11
    “Marie McDonald (per vlad: (maybe aka Marie Blossom MacDonald)”

    Marie McDonald aka Cora Marie Frye.
    “An Earl Carroll dancer. Nicknamed "The Body"”

ACJ Estate: Handwritten Lists of Names (partially decoded :)
by jane for group historicalziegfeld May 3, 2011

Can't wait to see all of the corrections and additions :) Help much needed and appreciated, thank you!

I'm adding the lists of names I can make out and my interpretations of who they are (when not clearly spelled out) in comments on the pics.

I've added a few IBDB and IMDB info snags for some names new to me.

The "ACJ List of Measurements" is much more than that. I've bypassed the 'measurement' pages and added names for the performer pages and for the page of what must be a list of the nudes taken at the Oxford studio, some of which were sold at the estate auction.

Perhaps Lot 366 - "Unidentified Nude Possibly Adriene Ames" - is of Adrianne Allen? Listed as 'Ad. Allen' under 'Oxford Private' in the ACJ Handwritten Measurements pages. I've included the sold image here along with a few others of Adrianne Allen.


ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 3, '11

Column 1:

Martha M. (Mansfield)
Billie Dove
Mary Eaton
Helen Brown
Laura Foster (Lora)
Dorothy Knapp
Gladys Glad
Zitelka Dolores
Dorothy Dickson
Hilda Ferguson
Myrna Darby
Barb. Newberry (Barbara)
Dorothy Clark
Polly Walker
E. Dell (Eleanor/Eleanore)
I. Wilson (Imogene Wilson maybe, aka Mary Nolan)

Column 2:

O. Vanderhoff (maybe given name for Vanda Hoff?)
Sybil Carmen
I. De Roy (Irene Delroy)
C. Luce (Claire)
D. Leslie (Dorothy)
J. Logan (Jacqueline)
F.O Dennishawn (Florence O'Denishawn)
Edna French
Gilda Gray
Mary Hay
Marg Irving (maybe for Margaret Irving)
Helen Morgan
Mary Lang (Lange)
Susan Conroy (Suzanne)
Bobbie Arnst (Bobbe)
Violet Anderson
Jean Audree
Jean Ackerman

Column 3:

Kitty Banks
Faith Bacon
Ann Buckley (Anna)

Pg 1) ? Bussey (maybe meant to be Agatha DeBussy)

Gladys Bowie
Peggy Blake
Olive Brady
Helen Clive (Helene C. Clive)
Gladys Coburn
Claudia Dell
Barb Deane (Barbara Dean)
Bab Dakin (Beatrice 'Babe' Dakin)
Peggy Davis
Betty Dumbris
Ethel O'Dell
Caja Eric
Dorothy Flood
Carol Flower

Column 4:

Red Henderson (maybe nickname for Helen Henderson?)
Beryle Halle (Beryl Halley)
Mary Hay
Y. Hughes (Yvonne)
Betty Hale
Marg Irving (Margaret)
Naomi Johnson
Helen Jesmer
Marg ? Janis
Flo Kennedy
D. Klewer (Dorothy)
Helen Kaiser
Sylvia Kingsley
Mildred Lunnay
Elsie Lawson
Pauline Leland
Doris Lane
Sally Long
Marg Leet (Marjorie Leet)
Kay Laurell

ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 3, '11
Silent Movie Stars I have Photographed:

Column 1:

N. Naldi (Nita)
Martha Mansfield
Billie Dove
J. Logan (Jaqueline)
D. McKail (Dorothy Mackaill)
Justine Johnston
Marion Davies
Gilda Gray
Peggy Shannon

I. Wilson (Irene? Irma?)

Lee Russell
P. Goddard (Paulette)
Fairbanks Twins
A. Ames (Adrienne)
Barb Stanwyck (Barbara)
Marie Prevost
Bebe Daniels
Norma Shearer

Column 2:

E. Hammerstein (Elaine)
P. Frederick (Pauline)
G. Swanson (Gloria)
N. Talmadge (Norma)
C. Talmadge (Constance)
Mildred Davis

L? Ince ? (no idea, maybe Lionel Ince? only know of Ada Ince as actress)

A. Stewart (Anita)
Madge Bellamy
Jean Arthur
Lina Basquette
Pearl White
F. Labadie (Florence La Badie)
Alice Brady
Renee Adoree
Gladys Leslie
Helen Costello (Helene)
K.D. Owen (Catherine Dale Owen as Katherine?)

Column 3:

M. Thurman (Mary)
C.K. Young (Clara Kimball)
Mary Pickford
Arline Pretty
E. Percy (Eileen Percy)
Z. Keefe (Zena)
Alice Terry
Kath Calvert (Catherine)
T. Bara (Theda)
Louise Glaum
C. Moore (maybe Colleen Moore)
P. Stark (Pauline Starke)
D. Castinelli (Dolores Cassinelli)
Dor. Phillips (Dorothy)
Ruth Clifford
E. Taylor (Estelle)
C. Binney (Constance)

Column 4:

Virg. Bruce (Virginia)
J. Dunn (Josephine)
L. Huling (Lorraine)
K. Calvert (Kathleen)
Anita Paige (Page)
Mary Astor
Alma Rubens
B. Lamar (Barbara La Marr)
C. Windsor (Claire)
Carol Lombard (Carole)
Hope Hampton
L. Joy (Leatrice)
V. Mereseau (Violet Mersereau)
Mildred Harris
Carol Dempster
Lillian Gish
Dorothy Gish

ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 3, '11, edited on May 3, '11
Major help needed here :) Thanks!

Perhaps this is a partial list of the models for the later nudes?

Oxford Private

Sally Daniels
Mary Hannen
Flo Whalling
Mary ?
Monay Moray
Martha Leitel?
Connie Murone
Ann Gray?
D. Freeman
D. McDonough
J. (?) Ackerman (Jean)
T. Bennett
B. Rai... Raizea?
B. ?
Betty Ra?
J. Valkmer?
M. Valkmer?
L. Teng? (unreadable)

A. or B. Crane
Ann Ingersoll

Barb Bromley (Barbara Bromley, pic sold in estate auction)

Benay Farley

Althea Clark (pic sold in estate auction)

... Ford Tulsa? (per vlad: Marion Ford maybe, pic sold in estate auction)

Ann Howe
Janice Parmenter?

M.J. Wilkinson (per vlad: maybe Mary Jane Nickerson as Mary Jane Wilkinson, pic sold in estate auction)

Ad. Allen (Adrianne?) (maybe is 'Unidentified Nude Possibly Adriene Ames'?)

Peggy Callahan

Ann Crowell? (pic sold in estate auction)

Eve Paul?

Doris Lane (pic sold in estate auction)

K.D. Owen (Catherine Dale Owen as Katherine?)

Doris Rossiter
Ann Whalen

Marion C? (maybe Marion Courtney, pic sold in estate auction)

Lynda Lyndel?

ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 3, '11

Enlargements from Negatives:

Madge Bellamy
June Caprice
C. Carpenter (?)
M. Cooper (Miriam)
M. Gombel (Minna)

M.K.H. & Dogs? (maybe is Margaret Horan with the Borzoi dogs photo sold at auction)

D. Klewer (Dorothy)
F. Larrimore (Francine)

V. Mersereau (Violet)
J. Carman (Jewel Carmen)
D. Klewer (Dorothy)
June Caprice
M.J. Gentey (?)
Mona Leslie (?)
Elsie Winston (in trick photos sold in estate auction)
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ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 3, '11

Virg Bacon (Virginia)
Joan Burgess?
Carol Bergman (aka Caryl)
Elsie Behrens
Sybil Carmen

Dorothy Dalton
Dorothy Dickson
Dorothy Donnelly

Helen Eagles?

Mae & Faye???
Marjorie Franklin

Jane Grimes?
? McGowan

Yvonne Hughes
T Harvey? (maybe meant to be Thelma Harvey)

Ann Ingersoll
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ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 3, '11

Renee Adore (Renee Adoree)
Violet Anderson
Bobby Arnst (Bobbe)
Bernice Ackerman
Florence Armstrong?

Ann O Bade? (Annette Bade)

Barbara Brown/e?

Lina Basquette
Helen Brown
Olive Brady
Flo Brooks

A O'Brien? (maybe Alice O'Brien?)

Blond Long Hair?

Peggy Cornell
Edna Conway
Miriam Crosby
Peggy Callahan

Martha Currier (pic sold at auction) or changed to Caryle? (maybe meant to be Martha Carroll)

or not.

Maybe next is just:

? Caryl

Helen Costello (Helene)

ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 3, '11

Jean Ackerman
Adrienne Allen (Adrianne Allen)

Jean Andre (maybe meant to be Jean Audree? or Miss Andrea?)

? Anderson

? Miss America?

Kath Burke (Catherine/Katherine)

Boo? (maybe meant to be Boo Phelps)

Bea Backman? Bachman?

Barbara Brown/e/ (Barbara Brown, Barbara Browne)

Elsie Behrens

? Bailey (maybe meant to be Consuelo Bailey?)

Nancy Carroll
Peggy Callahan
Dorothy Clark (maybe aka Clarke)
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ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 3, '11
Please add corrections, additions, etc. Thanks!

Camera Room

Henrietta Adams (maybe also aka Henrietta Jean Adams)

Agnes Ayres
Renee Adoree
Betty Allen
Bobbe Arnst (Bobby Arnst)
Violet Anderson
Kay Aldridge

Lucille Bremer
Kitty Banks
Flo Brooks

? Brown (maybe meant to be Elizabeth Brown, pic sold in auction)

Madge Bellamy

? Burns (per vlad: maybe Alice Burns, pic sold in auction as Burns)

Arline (?) Booth (maybe Aileen Booth)

Olive Brady
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ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 3, '11, edited on May 3, '11
Please add comments, corrections, etc. Thank you!

Dark Room


Rene Adore (Renee Adoree)
Lucille Bremer?
Lillian Bond
Betty Blythe
Bille Dove
Marie McDonald (per vlad: (maybe aka Marie Blossom MacDonald)
Mary Eaton
Ruth Etting


Dorothy Flood
Laura Foster (Lora)

Corrinne Griffith (Corinne)

Mona Moray
Martha Mansfield
Bonnie Murray
Kath Moylan (Katherine/Catherine)

Cath Dale Owen (Catherine)

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