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2011_Jun 28 - Rudolf Eickemeyer... and Evelyn Nesbit Thaw?
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld Jun 28, 2011

Evelyn Nesbit Thaw

Harry Thaw Trials (1907 & 1908)

Testimony of Evelyn Nesbit Thaw (Harry Thaw Trial 1907)

“Celebrity history fixates on those images of 1900-1903 when Rudolph Eickemeyer and other photographers made chorus girl Evelyn Nesbit the beauty of the age, a figure entirely plausible as the inspiration for a jealousy killing. But that notorious girl became a woman, a wife, a mother. And a decade after the heyday of her notoriety she visited Chicago photographer George Moffett for sittings that reflected the curiously torn self-image she possessed in 1913. Here she is alternately a solitary iconic beauty, next a mother, finally a performer in rather pedestrian publicity shots with a dancing partner.”
© David S Shields

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  • Anneke - 1Reply
    Of these photographs, only the last 3 are Evelyn Nesbit. The other ones are definitely not her.
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