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*UPDATED 10-23* ACJ NEA Question: Agnes Ayres, Corinne Griffith
by jane for group historicalziegfeld Oct 16, 2012

Ref: http://historicalzg.piwigo.com/index?/category/980-2012_oct_10_acj_nea_question_agnes_ayres_jane

On the other site, the first two photos were ID'd as being Agnes Ayres. Due to a Multiply mishap the comments are lost (as they are for most things there).

The 3rd is from the NEA auction and I don't seem to have the original auction listing so I have to assume that her name was given when it was auctioned off?

I don't see that the first two look like the NEA Agnes Ayres photo. Is it just me or is it possible they are not Agnes?


From yesterday:

171 sold as Agnes Ayers (sp) on NEA.

Similar sold as Corinne Griffith last year or so by whatever his name is on ebay that bought loads of ACJs before the estate was sold. He didn't post the back of the photo.

Anyone? Another, supposedly of Corinne, was also sold and whether that is her or not is up in the air still as well.

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