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2012_Oct 14 - ACJ NEA ID Questions
by jane for group historicalziegfeld Oct 14, 2012

Some questions on NEA IDs previously posted here. I've included all pics that were auctioned in each listing I have questions about.

169 Kitty Banks maybe? Any ideas on the other two Unknowns?

170 Kitty Banks as Kelly Bauks was id'd previously. But I am not quite sure this is Kitty Banks. Anyone? I'll leave both listed as Kelly Bauks, Mildred___ as Unknowns with a tentative ID if not.

352 Ann Gould: Was previously ID'd as Marjorie Franklin. However, I think she may be Ann Gould. I posted other NEA listings that included Ann Gould for reference (170, 185).

352 Marjorie Franklin: Was previously ID'd as Ann Gould. Switch per above on Ann Gould? Another Marjorie Franklin for ref is 192.

192 Edna Giblyn previously identified as the double image. Maybe not? Perhaps is the seated nude instead (ref: Edna Giblyn as Miss Gillin, also tentative ID). That will leave the double image as being either Katherine Graham, Wanda Lyon, or Mary Jane Mitchell.

Unless the Wanda Lyon photo is correctly ID'd. Is it? In that case it would leave the double image and the 30s seated nude as being either Katherine Graham or Mary Jane Mitchell.

I was doing some searching for info on Edna Giblyn but didn't come up with anything except references to Charles Giblyn. Does anyone know if there is a connection between them? Or perhaps Edna Giblyn is another ACJ misnomer and she is some Miss Gillen instead?

Hope this is understandable. Mind boggling and amazing work done on these here. Thanks!

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