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Margery Chapin Wellman - as Margery / Marjorie Chapin was Ziegfeld Follies of 1922:


“Ziegfeld… designing costumes for his showgirls. Top left is Gertrude Selden, and top right is Evelyn Law. Bottom left to right: Jessie Reed, Marie Shelton, and glowworm Marjorie Chapin. Robert Bared Collection, property of Charles Higham.”
© Charles Higham “Ziegfeld”, 1972

“FLO ZIEGFELD advertises this year's Follies as "Glorifying the American Girl"; and Will Rogers says, "Well, I don't know about that, but he certainly is exposing her!" This has nothing to do with Marjorie Chapin except that she's one of …”
© The judge, vol. 82, 1922

Margery Chapin Wellman
“Had an adopted daughter, Gloria, with husband William A. Wellman (married in 1925–1926).
Her adopted daughter Gloria was the natural daughter of Robert Emmett Tansey.”
© http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0152181/

“…he had just made Margery Chapin Mrs. Wellman, number two. Margery was a former singer and dancer in the Follies, but, refreshingly for Wellman”
© Frank T. Thompson “William A. Wellman”, 1983

“Benny Baker, Actor, Weds.
Benny Baker, the comedian, and Margery Chapin, former wife of William Wellman, the director, motored to Yuma, Ariz., today where they were by Judge EA ..”
© NY Times, .January 3, 1936


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